Glamfoxx was founded after my many years of working in the fashion industry and my love for fashion and working with people,designers and artists.After working sales and mercandising at Victoria's Secret offices, I moved into manufactuering for several big name manufacter's in the southwest. I started Glamfoxx after wanting to have the time to spend with my children,and husband, but still be around what I love, fabulous clothes! In 2010 I rounded up the best artists and designers I could find,which are the amazing products you see on my website. Most of the products sold on Glamfoxx are one of a kind,custom made, and we can ship virtually ANYWHERE you desire. We are not Walmart,we are not even Nordstroms. We are something completely unique. You are buying a work of art, something seen only on the catwalks and unique shows. I hope you enjoy shopping with us, as we are a small business, and are growing in large numbers thanks to your support. If you have any questions please contact us at any time. If we are unavailable we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thaking for shopping with Glamfoxx!

Desiree Hall
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